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xp Appliances: Please Help me choose Appliances (Mix and Match)

11 years ago

Hope it's ok to XP. I think this forum is a little more active?

I think I have narrowed our appliance options down to Frigidaire Gallery, Kitchenaid, Bosch and GE Profile.

We were hoping to keep the budget at $3k, but I realize that is tough to get quality.

So, if we were willing to mix/match brands to get the best appliances, what would you recommend?

EG, KA refrigerator, GE or Frig, Gallery range and OTR micro, Bosch or KA DW?

I realize I may be giving up some group discounts, so I may need to buy at least 3 of the same, but looking for input from the experts :) I have been reading and researching up the wazoo, but I'm finding mixed reviews for everything.

GE Profile has a $500 rebate if I get 4 pieces, but I'm reading not so great things here on the GE Frig (and Bosch, and Frig.) - so leaning towards KA for that. Think I would do KA or Bosch for DW over GE or Frig. And GE Profile or Frig. Gallery for range and micro.

But - I don't even know which of these would mix well together.

So, all of that said - looking for whatever advice I can get!

Also, is ocunter dept a must (fridge will be between two counters) or can we save money with full depth? We are looking at S x S, water / ice in door.

Thanks for any and all advice! (and sorry if I am repeating anything I already asked - trying to get it all in one place!)

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