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Granite problems - is this typical

Is it common for fabricators to make mistakes in cutting granite? This is new to us. They cut the granite wrong the first time with more than a 2" mistake. They wanted to salvage part of the piece by cutting out the error and putting in another peice which meant we would have a second seem. DH said no. Then they returned and had cut the sink crooked. The "bridge" in front of the sink was visibly narrower on one side than it was on the other. Also, it was supposed to have a positive reveal just to the edge of the bevel in the sink. Instead, it was about 1/2" too wide all the way around showing the top of the sink beyond the bevel. They aren't happy that we haven't accepted their mistakes. I've overlooked the scratch they put in my new cabinet and the chip that will be in the seem but these cutting errors weren't acceptable to us. Are cutting errors common in this industry? Is it difficult to accurately cut the sink? Should we expect it to be done right?

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