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A potentially new soapstone question

10 years ago

So, I've been planning on soapstone and my designer (because I don't trust my own judgment) suggested today that instead of doing everything soapstone, that I do the island and bar area in granite (black absolute).

It's a relatively small space (the kitchen is 11x14 and will have a 2x4 island in the middle with a 'bar' that looks, from the dining area, into the kitchen). Initially, the plan was to have counters on 3 walls of kitchen be soapstone, with counters in the 8x8 laundry room/pantry also be soapstone (there'll be very little counterspace) and then the island and the bar soapstone.

The rationale behind using granite for the island and bar is that this will break things up a bit and prevent the soapstone from overwhelming. This makes sense to me.

However, I'm not a big fan of granite. It isn't that I loathe it, but it's just not something that I've considered in all of my planning.

I'm wondering if (a) it'd look stupid to, say, oil island & bar, but not the counters and (b) if I, say, spill oil on the counters, this would commit me to oiling them.

Obviously, what I'd like to do is go with all soapstone and go with (a) but if this is either going to look stupid or end up being something I'll quickly abandon, then I should probably go with the granite. I agree that the granite will create a distinction and make the soapstone stand out more, I'm just wondering if it's the only/best way to do it.


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