Original design vs what cabinet people have suggested - pls vote

13 years ago

Hello again, everyone. I don't visit this forum often enough but the news is that we are now in the middle of construction (building an addition) and getting closer to the point when we will need to order kitchen cabinets.

We used an independent designer to create a plan for us and I have been getting estimates using the plan she put together. This is actually working very well so far and I can highly recommend this route.

However, I've gotten some additional input from cabinet people which got me thinking about the layout again.

One of the cabinet places even created a 3-d drawing based on my original plan which I started playing with.

One guy said we'll have a problem with the refrigerator being in the isle. The isle is 42" wide so I thought we had enough room to be comfortable but he didn't think so and suggested we move the refrigerator to the right.

So here is my original (first picture) and three more variations I came up with if we move the refrigerator. Please vote which one is your favorite.

Btw, the wall oven cabinet is either for the Miele Speed oven (which is also a MW) + WD below or the Gaggenau steam oven + MW drawer below. Not yet decided which one, but this appliance is going to be used for reheating as well as for small-size every-day type of baking/roasting.

Please pardon the messy drawings, I am using the basic "paint" program to "paint over" the one PDF I got from a KD.

Many thanks as usual


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