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I am losing my mind...Danze Faucet in brushed nickel--really?

14 years ago

I have decided to go with the Danze Opulence pull down faucet and Danze Opulence pot filler. I have read fantastic reviews about the "bruhed nickel finish" here on GW. Why can't I find that finish anywhere? Not even on their website.

So, if it is no longer available...can someone with SS from this company verify that it looks like "bright" ss and not the yellowish SS finishes I see on some of the Deltas & Moens. Nothing against the Delta & Moen faucets, but when I look at them in person, they just don't seem to be the same ss as the ss sinks and appliances are.... I think that Price Pfister has a great tone for their ss faucets, by the way. This is what drove me to make my earlier decision to go with chrome, the "jewelry" of the kitchen. But then I decided I didn't want that "jewelry" behind the range--too flashy. So that's where the brushed nickel idea came from.

So, if you know who has this finish available or if you can tell me about your ss Danze I would greatly appreciate it!

I think I'll go order my sink now. (Ticor 32" Zero Radius, from Overstock. With my 10% coupon the price can't be beat. I even tried Galaxy Tool Supply with best offers, but they never accepted my price.) At least I will get something accomplished tonight!

Thanks everybody!

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