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Ambitious DIY backsplash - am I nuts to even try??

14 years ago

Hi - Mostly I've been a lurker here, but I can't even express how amazing this forum's been for me before, during, and after (sort of) our kitchen remodel. It's funny, GW has started to feel a bit like family -- well, a family where I can get away with walking on tiptoe & not saying much!

We're about 95% done with the kitchen remodel in our 1908 house - and, with lots of credit to GW, I pretty much adore everything about our new space so far! The rest of our house reno has been a slow, steady DIY, but we came to our senses and hired a GC for the bulk of the kitchen construction. DH and I are doing a lot of the finishing touches though (I'll definitely post pics when we get a little further.) So, this is the first of probably many backsplash related questions, and I would really love your wisdom and opinions.

Basically, I've gotten inspired to do a backsplash that's going to require a lot of diagonal cutting, and am wondering if it's just something that will require the right tools and a lot of patience, or whether I'm getting in over my head. DH and I have done several tile projects before, so I'm pretty OK with the basic mortar/layout/grout routine. What I want to do now is a chevron pattern using 2x8 glossy ceramic tiles, and cutting each end at 45 degrees to make a long parallelogram. Sort of like this, if you can see the sharpie marks where the cuts would be.


This pic from Flickr is a gorgeous example of the pattern I want.


As far as I can tell, no one makes a field tile in this shape, so I'd need to create it myself. We haven't bought tile yet, and I know I could just go for a nice herringbone pattern instead, but I really, really love the sleek look of the chevron shape. The backsplash will be 40-50 sf, so that's probably close to 1000 little diagonal cuts! DH thinks I'm insane. Can I do it, or will all those cuts take forever to do, and the whole thing end up looking sloppy anyway??

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