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Range Hood DILEMMA

11 years ago

Need suggestions ASAP!!

Our stove is under a double casement window. The location was grandfathered in for our renovation and it cannot be moved, as we've already ordered cabinets and it's literally the only place to put the stove. (Our 1929 house has 3 separate entrances into the kitchen)

The range hood thing is A NIGHTMARE. Right now we have planned to use an under-the-cabinet model to sit over the windows, which is quite a bit higher than the specs of ANY manufacturer (about 3.5 feet from the top of the range to the bottom of the hood). The space that we can fit the range hood is about 18" high, MAX, so we can't get anything too large. It's 600cfm, which our contractor said COULD work...

A traditional hood with the chimney can't work because we can't vent through the ceiling (can't get an island one), and we can't put it right against the wall (because of the windows).

We can't do a downdraft because it would have to vent out under the deck which is right outside the window.

I'm concerned the range hood will look weird just hanging out over the windows. Our contractor said we could do a custom-built hood over the windows with an insert, and even then I don't know if the 3.5 feet between the range and the hood will make anything actually functional. Like should we just forgo a range hood and open the windows and use splatter guards on the pans????

Need to make a decision ASAP. Is there an option I'm unaware of??

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