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Kitchen Sink bowl for 30" cabinet

10 years ago

I have been searching for quite a while for a great sized kitchen sink that would fit into a 30" cabinet. I have looked around this forum and found quite a bit of information and even some about the one sink I am looking towards the most but no actual concrete information. Like many I am trying to get the largest sink to fit into the space of my cabinet.

The one that I have found to do this would be the Kraus-KHU100-30
According to all descriptions and specs of this sink it fits 30"-33". However I am wondering if anyone here has actually used and installed it in a 30" sink.
From the spec sheet the full size of the sink is 30" and the bowl is 28". A 30" sink box would be 28.5" of available space inside and with the instruction details on their site I cannot see how this sink could be properly installed in a 30" cabinet.

Is the 30" fit with the assumption that you would put the edges on the actual box and thus make it very difficult to remove in the future?

As well, I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a medium cost single bowl undermount sink that would fit well in a 30" box that has a bowl size closer to 27" rather then the 25". The best I could find was the Frigidaire FPUR2919

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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