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3 Choices/please vote! Do I need DIMMABLE undercabinet lighting?

11 years ago

[cross posted in lighting forum]

I am in the homestretch now -- down to the final decision on UC lighting (which must be made tonight, as we need the fixtures for wiring on Thursday.)

I am between three choices --

1 - Seagull Ambience dimmable xenon linear system

2- Seagull Ambience NONdimmable LED linear system (same as above, but non-dimmable and less power consumption)

3 - Diode LED Refract Light Bar -- dimmable LED bars in varying lengths from 10-30" (1/4" thick brushed aluminum bar)

I like the low-profile (almost invisible) appearance of the Seagull Ambiance, as it basically hides behind the light rail under my cabinets. I like the low-voltage of the LEDs, but the dimmable aspect of the xenon. Also worry about the xenon bulbs getting hot, and the cost of replacing bulbs (more often than LED).

The Diode LED system combines the features of dimmability and low-energy consumption, but I worry that the bar style is more obvious/less attractive than the Ambiance tracks, and I can't find much in the way of reviews for Diode LED.

One of the things I am not sure about is whether I really need my undercabinet lighting to dim. I think I would like to have the option, for example when entertaining, or at night, but I am not sure (never having had UC lighting.)

If you have undercabinet lighting, do you dim it?

Any thoughts or advice otherwise on the 3 choices above?

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