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Backsplash start-stop-start-stop (Pics)

13 years ago

Hello all,

I was very excited this weekend because I assumed my backsplash would FINALLY be finished. I have a new installer, finally found a match to the tile the old installer started with and got things in motion getting our house finished. He left an unfinished backsplash and 3 unfinished bathrooms, one floor was so unsatisfactory, it had to be ripped out. He took the materials with him when he walked off the job. So, I went back to the source of the original tile to get enough to finish everything. However, they do not sell to consumers so it was a huge fiasco. So finally, things were started on the backsplash today...........and apparently, the new installer didn't order enough to finish it :(

So, since I was so excited to share it after all these months, I'm going to share it anyway.

Now that it's in, although not finished, I think the kitchen has taken a major turn for the seriously traditional. I'd planned a more casual look but I do love how it's coming together. I'm a little nervous it doesn't go so well with the rest of the house but I guess that's something I can hash out over in the Decorating forum, I hope.

For everyone who helped me figure out what to do with the backsplash, Thank you!!!! I ended up using every single last remnant from the kitchen island, I just couldn't bring myself to waste an inch of it. Also, I can't BELIEVE I still haven't swapped the fancy corbels in the picture with the plainer ones. The fancy corbels were a mix up with the cab company.

One more thing, is this kitchen reading serious formal traditional to the rest of you?



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