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Framed frameless cabinets? And dark oak to boot?

11 years ago

Stopped by a local woodworker shop today looking for a bench. Found a huge store full of very nicely made cabinets and shelves and hutches, etc.

In talking to the guy, he showed me that he makes framed cabinets but keeps the face frame at 1", which is the same as the sides of the cabinet box. He said he builds all his cabinets that way as he thinks the frame wastes too much space. Singing to the choir on that one, he was. No disrespect intended to framed cabinets in general, but I only have 7 base cabs so space is a premium for me. I thought I remembered Jakuvall saying something about strength for the countertop being in the frame?

Has anyone got framed cabs that are 'frameless' because the frame is narrow?

I'm asking because he just happens to build kitchen cabinets too, and is about 2 miles away from my house. Go figure. 100 buck a running foot with drawers AND full extension accuride glides.

Oh, and if anyone that has been reading my posts about cabinets and wood type and color, for the last year is here... DH just informed me that the couple of one and two inch thick oak boards that I thought he had is actually more like 25 and more than enough to build the cabinets out of, which this guy will do which will save us some cha-ching, too. Ha. Ha. I thought it was all crappy pine. "H* no!" DH says. "That's all nice, clear oak because I cut it and made sure it was. That's why I've been dragging it around for 25 years." Hmm. Go figure.

Regular cut oak hasn't been my first choice (rift or quarter sawn is awesome) but wondering if a dark stained oak with the right drawer fronts might look nice. The price would be right, that's for sure.

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