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Remodeling kitchen... need help with colors for tile & walls

14 years ago

We are just starting our remodel, so much to think about! I need advice about color selection. We have a small kitchen in an 80 year old Tudor Revival. The kitchen won't be in keeping with the period, but it needs to be somewhat traditional.

We are keeping the oak hardwood floors, and are planning on painted off-white cabinetry. We are looking at Caesarstone or honed granite countertops with tile backsplashes.

Right now, I'm thinking of using harvest colors as a palette. I was looking at the 'rosemary' hue of Caesarstone, but wasn't sure about the backsplash. Can I use 4x4 white tile, with some accent tiles around the kitchen? Can I paint the one open wall a shade of green? I also have an adjoining kitchen nook that would need a similar color scheme.

DH is having trouble with anything that's not white, blue or green, so I am trying to find a green, and add some nice rust, pumpkin or similar for highlight colors.

Has anyone done something similar, or have good websites that may have ideas?

I can use lots of advice on this!


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