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ball joint at junction of wand and pulldown hose (on faucets)

11 years ago




now Moen

They are all putting waterproof ball joints at the junction point where the handspray "wand" connects to the hose (on pulldown faucets)

KWC Eve doesn't need a special joint, because the hose is so slim and flexible.

Also the pulldowns in the KWC Ono and KWC Systema series.


so much for use.

what about putting it away after use?


To get the wand to self-dock and not "hang obscenely" as many people have remarked, a weight is required to help pull the hose back.

A recent thread mentioned something new from Moen. (Reflex). I called Moen and found that they made several changes to improve the self-docking. There was something done to ensure a smoother run inside the tube, so the hose travels more easily. Something was done to the hose, too. And to the "docking collar" where the spray wand fits. So there are several small improvements, that combine to make it more interesting and higher quality.

The ball joint at the end of the hose may be a good thing too.

Here is a link that might be useful: thread about Moen Reflex. It only mentions the weight on the hose.

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