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How to make cabinets up to the ceiling look good - 10 ft ceiling

14 years ago

I really like kitchens with white cabinets with crown molding that goes up to the ceiling (ie Christopher Peacock style). But I cannot afford custom cabinets-- I've priced it. I want to know how to stack cabinets so that it will not look ridiculous. Should I put a 12 inch cabinet on top of a 42 inch cabinet?? A kitchen designer (who I did not like) told me that upper cabinets that are taller than 54 inches look bad. Is this true? I am not sure how to make a crown molding to close the huge gap between the top of 54 inch cabinets and the ceiling, which is at least 14 inches taller. Any suggestions or pictures would be helpful. I have looked at the finished kitchens blog but most of the cabinets are custom made or do not go to a ceiling as tall as mine.

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