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slab choice question

9 years ago

Yesterday I visit two of the major wholesalers many of the Boston area fabricators source from. The first (Marble and Granite warehouse) had a lovely but allocated slab. They offered to bring back in two slabs for me to see. They have a lot of transparency in their process and knowledgeable staff.
Then I went to MSI Stone. They won't even tell you what price range a granite is in, and the woman who "helped" me as clueless. I didn't like the slab they were showing on top. It has a really weird section that I don't think will look good. I saw so many slabs behind it that I assumed I could find one that would be nice, but they are running a promotion tomorrow: 5% off for the fabricator.

I contacted my fabricator, who contacted but places and gave me quotes. Bros blue from the first place came in at $1000 more than from the second. So I contacted the second ti see about seeing the other slabs. She acted like I'd made an off request. By she did agree that I could see a slab from the other lot.

Also, is it normal that they won't commit to showing all the slabs? Just one from each lot? (And she sort of complained about that.) I thought I was supposed to tag a particular slab.

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