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Cabinet over Refrigerator--What goes in there?

Laura Weller
11 years ago

My GC is bumping out the cabinet over my refrigerator so it will have a more "built in" look. This means I will end up with a cabinet that will open OVER my head, and will be 30 + inches deep.

The existing cabinet over the fridge is already what I refer to as "a graveyard" since I can't get anything out of it unless I stand on a chair.

Now I'll have to stand on a chair, move all the stuff out of the front just to get at stuff in the back???

I suggested rollout trays, and he said it might weigh too much. He suggested I put trays and baking sheets there. I already store those under my oven (it has a drawer for that purpose)

I suggested a lazy susan (anything!) and he said he would look into it.

Beginning to think he doesn't use kitchens much...

Any ideas for me?

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