Need advice resolving depth issue with built-in MW

7 years ago

I have ordered wall cabinets to go above a coffee bar but have a hold on production due to my unresolved microwave issue. A 30"w x 18"h x 18"d wall cabinet is on order, dedicated for a mw to go on the shelf, and would like to have either a grill for a built-in look or a recessed door to hide it. Although I live alone, I want at least a 1.6 cu ft mw for family events. Any family size mw requires at least 20" depth to allow required air space in back. 18" is my greatest depth or the counter below will be too shallow. As I see it, here are my options:
1. An attached garage is behind the back wall. I could cut out part of the back wall of the cabinet, remove the sheetrock and insulation behind, and then sheetrock the recessed area. I'm assuming this is a support wall so would leave the wall stud behind the mw in place rather than remove and box around it. Does this sound workable?
2. Reduce the depth of the above and adjacent wall cabinets to 12" or 13" and install a regular otr mw, just don't use the vent. The ge above counter mw is too small and the other company that makes a large above counter mw has very poor reviews so I have eliminated it as an option.
3. I'm still considering a commercial mw but that is another discussion that I've addressed on the appliances forum. No one seems to like that idea.
If this were your kitchen, what would you do? I can't be the only one on the forum who has struggled with this issue. By the way, please don't suggest a speed oven as I only need a large mw.

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