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Cabinet Boxes: Particle Board vs. Plywood

13 years ago

I know plywood boxes are supposed to be stronger, better, longer-lasting etc. than particle board (aka "furniture board") for cabinet boxes, but I'm wondering what you would do if you were me.

We're getting new cabinets, but only plan to be in this house for a few years. On all of the cabinet bids I've received, going with a solid plywood box seems to add about 20% to the total cost of the cabinets (I'm looking at middle-of-the-road brands like Diamond and Kitchen Craft. It seems that a lot of higher-end cabinets come with plywood boxes as standard rather than upgrades, but then they're already starting out significantly more expensive).

If your goal is to have a kitchen that looks pretty and keeps you on budget, knowing that you'll only be in it for a few years, would you cough up the extra money for plywood boxes or stick with particle board? TIA!

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