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temporary kitchen ideas

I know there are several other posts on this subject, but I thought I'd describe what we're lucky enough to have set up:

We have a full basement (unfinished), which has a decent sized white enamel sink. It's pretty beaten up but perfectly adequate.

But the best thing of all is my old oven: I bought a plain cabinet from Ikea for about $35, plus feet for another $4, and the builder installed my old 24" oven in it. They put a plug on the end of the cable, and I can use it at the same outlet my dryer runs off. It's been a lifesaver: I have the oven, the broiler, and we're producing the same kind of food as normal. If you plan on disposing of your old oven, I STRONGLY recommend you consider doing something like this while the re-model is underway, and disposing of it later. The cost of a simple Ikea cabinet is well worth it - considerably less than a takeout meal! Alternatively, maybe a builder could knock something up from plywood? Combine the oven and broiler with a plug-in single ring, and the rice cooker, and I've got a full kitchen down there. Being able to cook is what's keeping me sane.

(You need to talk to your electrician about the cable and the plug though)

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