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Delta or Hansgrohe faucet?

14 years ago

I've searched and read a bunch of feedback on faucets and I appreciate all the pictures I found of them installed IRL. Now that I think we've settled on our countertops (Wilsonart HD Raven Gemstone with our existing Oak cabinets), I need to pick a faucet for the new stainless steel sink. I thought I was going to buy the smaller Hansgrohe Allegro in Steel Optic from Costco because when I added it to my cart the other day it was listed at $189.99. It was obviously a pricing error, though, since it is listed at $399.99 now and only the Chrome with black head is listed at 189.99. I should have jumped on it then.

So, I'm considering the Hansgrohe Allegro pull out (not the gourmet) in Chrome ($189.99 shipped) or the Delta Leland in Stainless steel ($237 on Amazon). Once I add a separate soap dispenser and baseplate to the price of the Allegro, it will be just a bit more than the Delta that comes with the dispenser and would not need a baseplate, but I do prefer the finish and styling of the Delta. I'm wondering, though, given the normal price of the Hansgrohe, is it a *much* better faucet than the Delta? I guess I'd like to know which is the better value for the price? $250 is my absolute max for the faucet. Is there anything else I should consider that might be a better value?

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