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pre-rinse faucet: functionality questions

Circus Peanut
14 years ago

I am now leaning towards a pre-rinse type faucet for my prep sink.

Question: although many are labelled "pull-down", it appears that these faucets are actually limited to the visible length of their hose. In the case of the smaller kitchen-sized ones (not the large commercial 4-footers), this hose is not terribly long, maybe 12". So they sort of swing around your sink, rather than stretch out beyond it? You can't pull the hose out further than their 8" or 9" reach (or whatever their advertised reach is)?

For those who have one, does this impede their functionality? I was envisioning a nice long slithery hose, but apparently that's not how they actually work. Can anyone help clarify for me? (pix always welcome!)

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