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Granite Installed. Can they adjust still?

Lil B
13 years ago

Granite was installed in our new build yesterday. It's Chocolate Brown in a Leather finish. I'm a bit annoyed at a couple of things. I'm wondering what can be done, and if I should push for any remedy.

The island -- one edge is built with decorative wooden posts, and since we have an Ogee edge on the island, the granite guy advised not following the contour of the posts, but instead just cut the slab in a rectangle. On the opposite side of the island, it is flat cabinetry. The problem is that on the wooden post side, the granite overhand looks too small. It's barely overhanging the posts. It just seems like they could have slid the stone down and made more overhand on the post side. I asked them last night while they were finishing the work, and they told me it had already been glued in place and the only way to take it off would be breaking the stone. Is this true??? I'm so mad at myself for not being there every minute of the install. Even 1/2" would have made a huge difference.

The other annoying problem is the bar pass through to the living room. We don't have much of a bar overhang, which I knew. The granite templater suggested that we curve the bar. Now, I think it just looks like a bad edge. You can feel a few bumps with your hands and even see some areas that are not a smooth edge. Can they buff this on site? Any drawbacks to this? It looks like they will have to skim the edges on both sides to make it even if I go that route.

I'll try to post pics later. Sorry, no pics right now.

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