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Are tumbled marble backsplashes becoming 'dated'?

14 years ago

I'm going to replace my backsplash this summer with something that is a better complement to the new venetian gold countertops that were installed in January. I had my heart set on a crackle-glaze subway tile, was totally against tumbled marble, but now that I've got tons of samples, I can't seem to find one that I love and that I feel really works in my kitchen! I thought the all-white look would work for me, but now I'm craving a little more warmth. I'm also trying to find something that complements the tile in my fireplace in the adjoining great room. I found a tumbled marble mini-brick mosaic that when enhanced, almost perfectly matches the light beige of my fireplace tile and it also really looks great with my granite. I'm just afraid that after going through all of the work and cost of replacing the backsplash that I will have regrets. Please help!!

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