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Question about Kitch. Designer - Is this normal procedure?

10 years ago

We just had a kitchen designer come over to discuss our kitchen and we liked her very much. She had a lot of good ideas and she was able to understand what we want from the new kitchen. We could tell that she has been in the business for a long time and knows her stuff.

She measured everything and told us she would have a plan ready for us in a week. When I asked her if she would be giving us a ballpark estimate for the kitchen at that time, she said that she didn't have the time to do that. She said it was just too complicated to do an estimate.

Since I have never used a designer before I am not sure if this is the norm. After seeing the plan, how would I know if I wanted to move forward if I had absolutely no idea how much it would cost?

My DH says it's a sales technique but I think if it is, then it's a very bad one.

Does this sound right?

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