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Custom cabinet payment schedule, revisited

13 years ago

Hi all.

I am posting back here (hope the thread hasn't dropped off the edge) with Monday Morning Results.

The cabinet maker did not go out of business. He is a character - fortunately a character of good character, but a strong-willed, somewhat stubborn one too, I'd say. I do believe he is trustworthy and while the cabinets took ages to install they have taken meticulous pains for it all to come out right in the end. I have had a lot of noisy fights with them, mostly about communications, which due principally to the KD, have been often lacking.

So in the end I think tress is right, I did a huge amount of belly-aching in the decision, but having made it changes the calculations of risk a little bit.

powertools, I did point out the un-reciprocal expectation of trust his payment arrangement presupposes. He obviously didn't like the contention that while I was expected to trust him he was not trusting me. Much loud blustering happened about how he of course trusted me, etc. But he doesn't and didn't, sort of non-personally, I'd say. That is, he's been burned and in response has made various personal "policies" ("I promised myself I'd never...") quite independent of me or my character.

In the end he conceded to a very good price for a very good product for me. While I had to proceed through most of the transaction, for months and months and months, blindly, I have not, in the end, gotten a bad deal. I realize I was lucky, or at least not un-lucky. But I wanted to post back here in case anyone searches this thread that sometimes this sort of too-much-money upfront arrangement can work out. It's true you lose all leverage, but there are some folks out there with whom one doesn't apparently need monetary leverage (though I have needed to use other sorts).

Here is a link that might be useful: Old thread on this topic

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