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What flooring do you have in your kitchen-and rest of house?

10 years ago

I currently have tile in the kitchen, entry and dinette areas. I have engineered wood in the dining room, carpet in the rest of the house.

In the next few years(read after our dogs pass away), we will get all new flooring. So-what do you have and where? What would you change, and why and what would you change it to?

For me, I really do not like the tile I have in the kitchen. I am in my early 30s and my legs and feet ache after I am done making dinner and cleaning up. Would love to hear anyones experience with hardwood, cork and bamboo. I know the main issue is "If there is a flood, it will be ruined." Yes, if there is an earthquake here(I'm in S. CA, so there WILL be), my house could come down, but doesn't mean I'm not gonna have a house;-) Are there any other issues you have come across?

Bathrooms-I love tile in bathrooms for the FLOOR.

I NEED carpet in my bedroom and on the stairs. I have a phobia of slipping down the stairs and wood stairs that my MIL has just scare me.

Does anyone have a home where ALL of the floors are the same?

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