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Kitchen Sinks-Oliveri, Franke, Ticor, Artisan, Oh My!

13 years ago

Have an opportunity to get an Oliveri (Model# 886U) at a great price, but I know absolutely nothing about it other than I like how it looks. Checked out the Franke, Ticor & Artisan sinks that are similar online, but just as confused as ever. They all seem to offer 16 or 18 gauge with some sort of coating/insulation underneath for sound deadening + a plethora of accessories. None of the plumbing places in our area has any of these brands on display where you can take it for a "test drive" --where you can actually run water in it, etc. So, does anyone have one of these sinks and what has your experience been with it? Do you actually use all the grids, strainers, drainers, cutting boards, etc that come with many of these sinks or is that a bunch of hype? Thanks in advance for you help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Oliveri 886U

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