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How to Make a One-Wall Kitchen w/Island Work

9 years ago

Any suggestions on how to make a 12 foot one-wall kitchen with a 5-6 foot wide 3 foot deep island, work in a relatively narrow kitchen/dining room layout? I'm trying to avoid putting the sink in the island so as to preserve the island as a prep and serving area and because in this 2nd floor kitchen plumbing out the island adds thousands in costs. Here are some of our many design issues:

1. SINK LOCATION - I have gone back and forth on location of sink - island versus main wall - and while island would give breathing room to the fridge and range, it also would ruin the point of the island for me - prep and serving and socializing space - so I come out in favor of a tight layout of appliances in a one-wall kitchen, with a long island as breakaway space. We're in NYC so we constantly see tiny kitchens used to maximum capacity, and we won't be an exception. But I'm struggling with it.

2. FRIDGE AGAINST WALL - So, I have a fridge on the right bumping up against a wall - so there's the design problem of wanting to be able to get full access to the fridge. So I assume that we need at least 6" of clearance off the wall. And because the house is old, pipe location is an issue - the contractor has to build out 10 inches of pipes behind the fridge, versus 5 inches of pipes leading to the sink near the fridge. he doesn't need any wall buildout behind the range and dishwasher, so suggested that the sink be next to the fridge (perhaps with a small landing between them), and the dishwasher be next to the range.

3. TIGHT APPLIANCES / COLOR ISSUES- so our fridge and sink will be almost on top of each other; I was toying with an apron/farmhouse stainless steel sink as a showpiece but next to a stainless steel fridge it'll get lost so I'd probably scratch that - and even a white apron sink would probably be wasted there. And the range and dishwasher will be right next to each other so I've toyed with a stainless steel range and white dishwasher since I plan on having white cabinets. Would that work?

4. RANGE BUMPING OUT INTO AISLE - Then we have the design problem near the door to the deck off the kitchen, that the range needs to be closest to the door so that the open oven could interfere with traffic in and out of the deck/backyard. I don't see a workaround to that.

5. OVERHANG FROM FRIDGE - But overall, I picture this layout as involving very uneven cabinets/appliances, with even a counter depth fridge sticking out way past the cabinets, and a 36" counter depth fridge (we want a side by side) having an overhang from the 10" bumpout to the 5" bumpout. I'm still leaning toward a 36" side by side versus a 33" one because we are heavy fridge users (1 child, 2 adults, pets, lots of produce and frozen foods etc.).

6. NO PANTRY - And where the heck are we going to put a pantry? I was thinking opposite the range, just inside the door to the deck - something tall and narrow. And another mini-pantry in the 6 inches plus to the right of the fridge along the far wall.

Help! I've included a marked adaptation of the drawings we got, showing that we moved the deck door location and changed a peninsula to an island for traffic flow.

What a mess. The contractor is putting in a temporary kitchen for now, we're borrowing from a former tenant's kitchen. We haven't ordered cabinets yet as obviously we have not been ready.

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