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Removing a load-bearing wall... $10,000!

13 years ago

Omigod. We just got a quote for removing the load-bearing wall between our kitchen and bath. This is apparently an excellent contractor, and he was recommended by our structural engineer--I have no doubt he'll do a good job. But omigod! It's just over $10,000!

The quote is actually for more than just taking out the wall and patching up what's left with drywall so it looks nice--it also includes buying and installing two windows, including one that's going into a space that's currently a door (so he has to build the interior wall after the mason does the exterior, and then put the window in). And installing all the support beams in the basement and on the main floor to take the load that's currently supported by the load-bearing wall.

$10,000! Is this normal? Maybe this is totally normal. It, uh, it certainly adjusts what I was thinking of as the kitchen budget.

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