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redecorating my kitchen - need help!!

15 years ago

We built our home 6 years ago, and I am totally dissatisfied with the choices I made in the kitchen. We are going to replace the countertops and floors and repaint the walls. I am afraid I am going to make the wrong choices again, so can you give me some advice? I really love pale earth tones (browns, greens, steely blues etc.) My adjacent rooms are going to be (surprise) brown, green and blue. I want my kitchen to be bright, yet elegant and soothing. The worst part about my existing kitchen is the pink tinted, milkwash cabinets (ugh - what was I thinking?) that we can't afford to replace, nor does my DH want to refinish! I hate the pink tones and want to choose colors that nuetralize the pink/yellow in the cabinets. Any suggestions? I will wait until tomorrow when it is daylight to take some pictures and post them. Thanks in advance!

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