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owners of kitchens with stone tile floors -- do you like them?

14 years ago

I"m still having a hard time deciding between porcelain tile that's made to look like rough stone, and a real marble that's been tumbled or something. It's not Carrara, it's a pretty uniform color, a very pale taupey off-white. I love the way it looks, tho someone less obsessed with details might not see a big difference between the two.

But I've sometimes gotten stung because of this fixation on the tree and not seeing the forest. One disadvantage of stone is that it's colder (I have limestone in one bathroom and porcelain in another. There's a big difference.)

I'm looking for something that will look time-worn, but not "just dirty". There's probably a fine line there and it depends on how you see it. I love old stone cathedral floors, but in a house of course you don't want it to stand out as being ugly. If it gets worn down in places or etched, that's OK. If dirt and stains get into the fine depressions in it, I think it'll start to look bad tho. I have a small slab of honed Carrara next to my sink and it's never gotten stained. So I'm not worried about the floor staining.

SO! Those of you with real stone tile (which stone is it? Marble is harder than travertine is harder than limestone) haw do you like it? If it's a lot of maintenance, what kind and how often? What are the downsides you've experienced after living with it for a few years?

The tile store guy says he just doesn't like stone in a kitchen b/c of staining and "maintenance", but I'm not sure if he was pitching his porcelain.

Thanks for reading this and responding!

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