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Special Installation Instructions for Tall Pre-Rinse Faucet?

12 years ago

We were going to get a pull-out faucet, but now we are thinking about one of the "wow-factor" pre-rinse faucets. A few that we have seen are as tall as 26-28". I am wondering if these tall faucets have any kind of special installation requirements. I recall dimly a mention on this forum about plywood or something under the counter to keep the tall faucet straight/steady/immobile? I do not recall the details, can someone fill me in? I can imagine that a 26-28" tall faucet may be more likely to sway or jiggle than a more average 9-12" tall faucet. And the weight of the dangling sprayer which is also quite long, would seem to increase the chances of leaning. How do you keep it from looking like the Tower of Pisa?

We will have 3 cm granite countertop, and a Blancoprecis silgranit Super Single sink. We don't know which faucet yet. I am also concerned our plumber will not have installed this type of faucet before, so any extra knowledge or insight to its installation would be appreciated.

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