hitting budget ceiling--cabinet end panels

7 years ago

We are about maxed out after our drawer stacks, dovetail construction drawer upgrades, a few glass cabinets, and soft white factory painted finish on our shaker-style cabinets.

The ends of cabinets will be a white vinyl "skin" unless we upgrade. We can do plain 3/8th thick veneer panels that are about $500 (for four panels, two wall, two base), or the decorative end panels that repeat the door pattern, for about $900. The ends of the cabs can be seen from the kitchen and the family room.

It would be stretching past my comfort zone to do the decorative panels, and even the plain ones. I would have to give something significant up to get them now, and I have already gotten rid of all the upgrades I don't really love.

How important are end panels versus vinyl skins for painted cabinets? And, is it possible to just do the skins now and then order end panels later? Would they be hard to DIY install?

Thank you so much.

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