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Need desperate help to match granite Ell to countertop reno!

10 years ago

I just bought a house and it has a granite Ell between the kitchen and living area. I love the idea of the Ell (like a breakfast bar but in a L shape) but I positively hate the granite that is installed on it. It is this really ugly black granite with what looks like teal butterflies or fish type patterns in it. There is also red and gold and it is extremely busy and I am finding it almost impossible to match with my countertop because the tile in the room doesn't match the granite. My original idea to save money was to try and use a countertop that pulled both floor tile color and granite color but I have found nothing.

The floors are a sandstone color and also very busy. So I have a very (VERY!) busy area and need a countertop to balance. To sell the house the real estate agent painted the cabinets an off white but it has all white appliances. Basically it is a disaster. I'm keeping the cabinet's although perhaps in 5-7 years I'll replace. I want to do this economically. I prefer no granite as I'm not fond of it and I see it everywhere.

I'm trying to keep this to $4K total to fix in every way.

I need ideas for cabinet paint colors and countertop and wall paint that might help me pull together. My only other choice is to go with installing granite (or something else like laminate) on the Ell and on the countertops that match. Possible. But I hate to remove granite if I don't have too no matter how ugly it is.

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