Layout issues...what to do with the broom closet?

11 years ago

So I thought we'd pretty much resolved our layout issues...until we got the perspectives from the cabinet folks. I'm super stuck on this now, since I just don't like the way this looks.

We have a funky layout, with an L on one side of the room and a wall with the refrigerator on the other. (We know it's funky but haven't come up with many other solutions after turning it inside out and upside down; this is a variation on what's there now.) The cabinets will actually be face-frame inset, though that's not reflected here.

What can we do with our straggling broom closet to somehow make it look "right" in this layout? We have a broom closet now and LOVE it, and it's one thing DH said absolutely had to stay, so we can't just get rid of it. The space in between the closet (corner) and pantry (next to fridge) is actually 42" (the scale on this is a bit off) and intended to have a bench with coat hooks above as our "mudroom." I was worried about cramming this into the corner because the door opens up against it; we can change the door swing if needed, but that just seems to be trading problems.

Any ideas on what else to do? The closet is 18" deep while the pantry is 24" deep to be flush with the fridge enclosure; all are even along the top, though it's hard to tell from this image. The bench will be 16" deep, so it seemed odd to create a cavern effect between two 24" deep cabinets...maybe there's another solution? (We aren't wedded to the pantry, but do need additional food storage of some variety there.)

Here's our overall plan:

We do have 18" between the cooler and the window frame on the left side, but the cooler is framed by 4" of wall on either side so it seemed awkward/odd to try to squish in a cabinet there.

Is this just looking odd because it's a perspective, or is this going to look bizarre in "real life" too? Help! (And thanks!)

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