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My dream kitchen is crumbling down around my head.

12 years ago

So for those of you who read my post about having to add a soffit, here's the update. We had originally told the GC to build it out to a depth of 24" thinking we would recess the lights inside it and have it look something like this:

Palimpsest gave me good advice instead to only build it 12" deep, and I had decided to order a ModernAire barrel-shaped hood that's flat on the top for 12" and then curves outward to a total depth of 24". Perfect, right? And I was all excited about it. Our ceilings are 96" high, the soffit had to be at least 10", which put the 18" high hood at a tight but livable 32" above the range.

So I called the contractor this morning and told him I wanted to change it (and also told him about some electrical changes that weren't that big a deal).

Well of course, the electrician was there this morning and the crew spent the morning framing the soffit. To a depth of 24". So the GC yells at me about changing my mind every five minutes (this was after our big sink brouhaha). I told him I would go home and look at it and let him know in the morning.

I got home and the soffit is going to be even higher than he had told me before, so now the hood would be only 31" over the range. I could have ModernAire make it shorter but I'm afraid it will look truncated and stupid.

Plus I can't make up my mind on countertops and am having trouble visualizing all the other elements. Like I wanted a checkerboard floor...but I just can't commit to it because I'm afraid I'll hate it. I'm also afraid I'll regret NOT having done it.

This project is costing us a fortune and I feel as though nothing is going right with it. This was supposed to be my dream kitchen and at this point I feel like just throwing my hands up in the air and letting someone else--DH, the GC, the frickin PLUMBER, hell, I don't care--make all these decisions.


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