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need help, new side by side fridge, freezer door doesn't open all

13 years ago

Just got a new fridge, stove, and dishwasher and love it, except for the fact that I cannot open the freezer door all the way in it's current location.

Looking for a little advice on how to shuffle cabinets or otherwise to make space to move the fridge closer to the stove. I don't mind moving or removing cabinets, but i don't want to move the stove and the cabinets to the right of it.

Would it look bad to swamp the cabinet and counter that's left of the stove, to the left side of the fridge? Could i put a an oak 3 or 6" spacer and countertop so the fridge and stove aren't right on top of each other?

Please see the pic attached, sorry for the clutter! Thanks for the help

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