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Stupid Question - Soapstone...(pic)

11 years ago

So I am doing a soapstone counter for my new basement wet bar (not a kitchen, I know - please don't kick me out!) and have kind of an odd question - how do you tell whether what you're being sold is actually soapstone?

I am looking for a soapstone that when oiled is dark gray/black and with minimal to no veining. My contractor has not had many clients use soapstone, but I spoke with one of his other clients who used a supplier in our neighborhood for her kitchen soapstone, was happy with them, etc. I went over today to see the slabs they've got, and while they did not have any that fit my specifications, the manager showed me a picture of a slab of "soapstone" that he said they will be receiving from the quarry in a few weeks - it's got some veining but could work based on the relatively small length I need. I did think it looked rather dark in the pic for non-oiled soapstone, but I'm certainly not an expert. They emailed me the picture (attached), again - the message title was "picture of soapstone," and file name was "soapstone.jpg."

The issue is...they said the soapstone comes from a quarry in Culpeper, VA. When I googled, I found numerous links to "Virginia Mist Granite" being quarried in Culpeper, but no Culpeper soapstone quarries. The pictures of Virginia Mist that I've found online also look suspiciously like the picture they provided to me of the "soapstone."

So I'm obviously going to email them back on Tuesday and ask point blank if the picture is soapstone or not, and maybe I'm being overly paranoid, but other than just taking their word for it, I'm wondering how I actually tell whether what I'm being sold is actually soapstone, vs. granite or something else?

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