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Please Help review friend's layout

13 years ago

Please Help review friend's layout

What do you think?

Where are the pain points?

How would you tweak this, or something completely different?

I am helping my friend with her kitchen layout: "everything is going," she says.

Goal: while the kitchen is not tight, it is actually a bit too wide for her. She doesn�t like having to walk from one wall to another. So I put her prep/cook zone on one wall and the clean-up/extra prep for DH/2-kids zone on the other wall.


- base cabinets are 30" deep, so that helps reduced the distance between the 2 wall, but still feel spacious (vs. if we put in an island)

- No, the door openings/windows/pass-through cannot be moved. But plumbing and gas line can be.

- Drawings show base cabinets as doors, but they should almost all be drawers.

- House was built in ~1983 tudor-style ~2900sqft. Friend wants a European (not French country w/ rooster) style.

More labels:

- Doorway by fridge = front foyer for guests only

- Doorway by trash/recycle = rest of house/daily entrance via garage/pantry

- Doorway by banquette = to familyroom

We tried a layout w/ a peninsula and there was too much walking AROUND the peninsula to get to/from stuff.

Tried an island, but island only fits if we didn't put anything on the other wall.


cooktop wall:

clean-up sink wall:

banquette: (software wasn't good at designing banquette)

Appreciate your help,


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