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Who else has gone past the one year mark, and not done yet?

12 years ago

I won't go all the way back to the first kitchen plan (that was 2008-2009) as that one never attained liftoff.

But the clock on this kitchen started last April when we purchased the first lumber for the cabinets. Actually, we had been planning and doing drawings for months before that.

We ordered the sink and faucet May 4th 2010. Tomorrow I am expecting delivery of the third and I hope final Shaw's sink.

We demo'ed in June, and have been cooking in the basement since then.

We are done except for the sink, the island (needs to be built), the backsplash, the hood duct/motor installation and some trim work and painting. May-be end of June, with a little luck.

I'm almost at the point where I can say "It was worth it."

Who else is in the over-a-year club?

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