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Choosing backsplash - ignore wall color? focus on counters?

14 years ago

We love our new kitchen (gutted and remodeled last year). Couldn't stomach the granite costs, so went with this Wilsonart laminate w/no attached backsplash (Crystalline Onyx, I think) - and we're happy with that, though sometimes I wonder if I should have done a more black counter. I was afraid it would show dirt, marks too much.

Now, I'm not sure how to proceed with a backsplash.

The counters look grey-green, but I'd rather do something neutral in case I want to change wall color or counters later. I'm thinking I need to play up the black trim we've done throughout the cabinets. Do I need to do a grey backsplash? Here are my thoughts (and why I'm stuck):

Wants: Fairly neutral, traditional design, perhaps a liner or repeating accent tile (or both), symmetry, clean lines

Don't want: No busy-ness, not take away from my cabinets - they are my focus (I think), no tiny tiles, no clutter

I've looked A LOT, but haven't seen very many countertops that look the color of mine. Also haven't seen the black accents in many online kitchens.

Any ideas? The colors in these pics are fairly accurate. We've also trimmed the window in matching maple and there is molding around all doorways now, if that makes any difference.

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