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To backsplash or not to backsplash?

12 years ago

We've moved back into our house, which was partially crushed by a tree. I had been thinking of Pave tile in blue and white-- the top left one in this collection -- very nice stuff, but it fights with the quartzite slab countertops, making them look dingy and gray instead of dramatic and beautiful. Might work over the range only.

For now, I'm having the cabinet guy make a simple three-inch backsplash that will match the color and theme of the cabinets, and leaving the Philipsburg Blue walls. Maybe hang a platter over the stove-- a Canton platter or the R dish in the photo. Or just run some stainless.

I do not want subway tile-- lived in NY, don't wish to bring a whiff of its subway home to my kitchen- and there's already so much white that a white tile (like a bevelled arabesque) would look too cold and clinical. Hubby doesn't want small glass tile- he thinks it's too trendy and South Beach.

Ideas appreciated.

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