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half-height wall, how to finish top surface (photos)

12 years ago

my husband built a half-height wall to separate the kitchen peninsula from the family room area. it is made from 2 X 4s and drywall. it looks out of square in this photo, but that is mostly because the cabinets have not been levelled and the floor the wall is sitting on now must be levelled slightly. everything is just propped into place right now.

my question relates to the top of the half-wall. any suggestions on how to finish the top of the wall so it looks nice would be much appreciated.

my husband suggested tiling it with the same tile that i just did in our windowsill 1" square stones left over from my mil's bathroom remodel.

I was wondering if I could attach a layer of hardibacker to the top of the wall, and then tile that.


1. the edge of the hardibacker could show as a layer between the tile and the drywall. Will that look badly done? Is there a better way?

2. the width of the wall is 4.5 inches, so i would have to do 5 tiles across, which would make a 1/4 inch overhang of tile. would that look bad or be too fragile?

husband has also suggested doing a small wooden ledge on top of the wall (think sushi bar style)

this is more of kitchen "update" as the result of a family room remodel. our family room was 11' by 11' and the kitchen was 27' long! so we stole 8' from our kitchen to increase the size of the family room. we have to keep our cabinets for now, and are just trying to make the new arrangement work for a couple of years until we redo it as well.

just for fun, here is the before-photo of kitchen and family room also ;)

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