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1930 Tudor Revival - need exterior color ideas

11 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are buying a house near the Purdue campus for my daughter and a few roommates to live in. We have to completely redo the roof, paint and window repairs.

I am going crazy trying to pick a color scheme. I find myself drawn to the yellows- not bright yellow, but a mustardy or pale yellow. We will most likely own this for around 5 years, so resale is a concern as well.

I'm open to bluish gray, greens or even reds. I don't want a white or tan body. It's too generic, as everyone in this area has these colors. I really like the creamy whites as trim too.

I also can't fine any houses like this on the Internet. All of the ones I find have a brick peak, whereas this is all cedar siding.

What do you think about making the peak with the front door a slightly different shade as the rest of the house? Either lighter or darker to give it some dimension?

Here is the house

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