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Painted bedroom blue.. what color to paint the bathroom? (PICS!)

14 years ago

I recently painted my bedroom blue (BM Buxton Blue, which is WAY more beautiful than the pics show). The color palette I have going on is Blue, Espresso brown, latte-ish, like so:

There is room for accent chair here, where I am hoping to introduce another color (I am thinking a yellow or orange), which will also tie in with the wall art that I will do above the night stands.

and something like this ..

There will also be a stainless steel mirror (ikea mongstad, spray painted to silver) right by the accent chair:


The room is still very much in progress, as far as the wall arts and accessorizing goes. Bedding needs to be replaced as well. But trust me it has come a long way from when I started working on it!

Now for the BAD part.. here is my attached master bathroom:

This is due for a reno, but I know we wont get to it for 2-3 years. I want to paint it up in the meantime to keep it exciting and enjoyable.

Here are the options I am thinking as far as the walls and cabinets go .. need your thoughts on these and other ideas that you might have:

a) paint the master bath walls a dark chocolate/espresso brown, leave cabinets white

b) same as option a but add white picture frame molding wainscot

c) paint the walls a latte color, paint cabinets a brown/black color

d) paint the walls a shade of pale blue, paint cabinets brown/black - not excited about this idea, i dont want to get into a blue overdose.

In addition I want to change the sconces and update the towel bars.

Please help, I am kind of stuck with how to update this bathroom!

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