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I give up...can someone help me???

15 years ago

I've been messing with PS to try to do this myself with no luck. I was able to change the garage door...but that was it!

We're looking to change out the garage door to a carriage style door in a sandstone color (DH thinks wood color to match front door..but I don't think I like that). Also, we want to remove the korbels above the garage door and replace with some kind of stone (we'd also remove the korbels below the windows).

We also want to get rid of the columns and replace with square columns with a stone base (about 2-3' tall).

All of the trim that is currently that ugly yellow color will be replaced with the sandstone color. It is above the front door if you can see it.

Would someone be willing to make these changes for me??? I'm just not sure what I think about the columns with the stone base..we don't have any other stone...just drunken brick. But I guess if we did the stone above garage that would be additional stone. I really want to get going on the trim outside, but have to make these other decisions first. Oh...and what do you think about oak for the garage door???

Thanks in advance!!!

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