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Need Lampshade Fitter advice

13 years ago

I can't believe this tiny, inexpensive desk lamp is causing me so much trouble!

Below is a link for how to choose the right lamp shade.

I have a small desk lamp and I want to buy a new shade for it. It's the standard bell shape shade that's on there now, all of 7.5" high. I want the same shape, just a different color.

It has a "Uno" fitter, the one where the lightbulb holds the shade in place, as shown in the link below.

I want a certain color lampshade and they're hard to find with the Uno fitter.

So my question is this. Can a clip-on shade (where it clips on the lightbulb) work on this lamp? There are more clip-on's than Uno's.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to pick a lampshade or something like it

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