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Stair paint still isn't dry. :( Paintergirl..... ?

13 years ago

This is rather long but hopefully it should answer any questions and to why I did what. Long version:

I know you're awesome at what you do and I remember you recommending BM floor paint before I jumped into my stair project. I ended up going with SW porch and floor paint because it was a SW color and I figured I'd save some money instead of buying a sample and having BM match it. Although thinking back, I could've just took the chip and it would've been close. That's neither here nor there now.

I hated running the sweaper on the carpeted stairs and it wasn't in the budget to replace the railings or treads at this point. There's a bunch of layers of sprayed lacquer on the railings, so even if I could've got the stain to somehow match decent with the oak and pine, there was no way I was going to be able to strip them.

I followed Paintguy from the painting forum's instructions. The carpet was removed. Stairs weren't dirty. I sanded the daylights out of the treads. Spot primed the knots (treads are pine) with Zinsser BIN. Filled the knots and holes (HM ready patch) then sanded some more. Primed all raw wood with BIN. Sanded the grain down. Two coats of the floor paint. Of course I cleaned well between sandings and waited a full day for the primer to dry and actually waited almost 3 days to apply the 2nd and final coat of floor paint.....because it was tacky.

I was planning to wait a month before walking on them for the paint to cure. October 6th was a month and the stupid stairs were still tacky. We're creeping up on 2 months soon and they're STILL a wee bit tacky. Will it ever fully cure/dry?

I finally was attempting to all the painters tape off tonight and had my sneakers on. (Only got three steps done btw.) Well the sides of the sneakers left a few scuff marks and with the high gloss they're gleaming. I could also hear that sticking noise from my sneakers. Just walking without standing in one spot for a long time they're not too bad. They're not leaving foot prints behind anyhow.

I guess it is what it is. I should mention I'm a perfectionist and overall, if you're nose isn't smack down at the steps, they look pretty nice. It will have to stay this way until we replace it for reasons mentioned above. Could add a runner if I had to but don't want to go there. I'm just frustrated and disappointed because I really took my time with this project.

I was going to call SW and tell them the deal but I feel like, what's the point since I don't think I could strip them to redo anyhow. I could also hear them saying,"Well you didn't use our primer." Any hey, maybe that's the case but I've always heard good things about Zinsser. The BIN did the job of sealing the knot holes and I've liked the 123 primer for past projects.

Paintguy recommended Muralo for floor paints. His idea was probably better than mine also. :(

Short version:

Will this SW porch and floor paint ever dry?

Would any of you bother to call SW?

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