May need to search for a new sofa and chair

11 years ago

I just love my current living room sofa and chairs and was planning to keep them for 50 years, possibly reupholstering them somewhere along the line, who knows, maybe passing them down to my descendants. However (and there is always a however) recently my dog has begun to pee on the furniture while we're not around. She's an older dog and this is new behavior. We think we know why it's happening. We're working on curbing the behavior, but meanwhile, I don't know if the furniture can be saved. I've soaked it with Nature's Miracle and had the furniture professionally cleaned, but I can still smell the odor very faintly, though other family members say that they cannot. However, it makes me very self conscious when people come to visit. Perhaps it will fade completely with time, but it is too early to tell.

If we do decide to replace the furniture, I'm hoping for recommendations from forum members. My taste is for old-fashioned styles, informal and cozy but not too flowery, and of course well-built. Remember, I'm the one who wants to keep her furniture for 50 years. I have a strong preference for tight back sofas and the word "modern" used for anything but medicine and indoor plumbing sends me running for the hills. Please share with me the names of furniture makers that you think might make things I'd like.

I'm including a picture of the current unfortunate sofa so you'll see the kind of thing I like.



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