How do you mix and match dining chairs and make them look 'right?

10 years ago


I took the advice here and kept passing on the clawfoot round tables (not antique ones :-), and waited for a base I liked. Today, I grabbed this table and I'll paint it one cohesive color, black or dark rubbed gray. They did the two tone look or I would keep the wood. It is a very old table, but strong and sturdy. It looks similar to one at Pottery Barn right now.

I passed on their chairs because I don't like the style. Most chairs on CL though are for 2 or 4, not 6, and I need 6. So, those who mix and match well, how do I decide what chairs will work together? I'd LOVE to be able to buy all new hyacinth chairs, but that isn't going to happen. I like simple, clean lines, MCM, and beachy-breezy styles. I don't like country or ornate looks. Ahhhh, but to get chairs that work together is beyond me!

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